Spring has also come to Sendai, in the same way to the ordinary years.
Cherry blossom are so beautiful.
However, the coast side village are still damaged complately.
The expand of the damaged coast side is 300 miles !
Please image. The coast side villages from Londn to Edinburgh are all destroyed.

See Photo page, please.

A famous cherry blossoms street with no singhtseeners.
Coast side of Sendai city, 10 km from here, got serious damage.
Sendai citizens support Sendai citizens!
The photos of Volunteering were uploaded in Photo page.

[Radioactivity Level]
Significant Level for Health Damage  50-100mSv/year
        Fright from Europe to NY       0.1mSv/one way
             Sendai           0.00008mSv/h

0.00008mSv × 24hours × 52days = 1 fright from Europe to NY
52days outside stay in Sendai must be safer than 1 intercontinental fright !

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